Creative Futures

Planning a Production Pipeline

As we reached the first few days in December, it became very clear just how little time that we had left before the presentation on the 16th. Understandably, the team was feeling quite frustrated with so many little tasks that still required completion.

Whilst Rachel had made a previous production plan earlier in the semester, it had been dismissed beneath the copious amount of workload that was causing us immense pressure.

In an attempt to relieve everyone of some stress, I created a newer version of the production pipeline that focused on the December 16th deadline. Unlike the previous schedule, this one was created in Google documents and was, therefore, interactive – allowing for real-time updates and adjustments to be made.

I hope that by creating this production pipeline, the rest of the team may benefit from following an organised structure, and find it easier to produce their work when they can see exactly what their task is.

I have included the plan below.



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