Creative Futures

Shot List and Animation Schedule

As I was reviewing the animatic and incorporating the feedback that we had received throughout the past few days, it occurred to me that due to the extra hands that were now going to be joining us to try and progress further towards a completed animation short, the most efficient way of tracking progress and delegating scenes to team members would be to keep some form of list.

I  created a shot breakdown, detailing the number of shots, the location of each one, the type, both the camera angle and movement, and the shot description. I felt that by including the detailed information, the additional hands would have a comprehensive understanding of the actions occurring within the scene, and why it is significant to the story.

The hope is that this will serve as a structure of workflow within the last few days before the deadline. The team has been working flat out over the break, so it is my intention that by creating this document, their stress levels may be elevated – even if it is only a small amount.



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