Major Project · Semester Two

Environment Inspiration


(1.1 Shown Above – a mood-board gathering imagery and paintings sourced from different platforms that have personal appeal) 

As with the beginning of every project, creating a moodboard is a great way for the team to start visualising a uniformed aesthetic goal, inspired by a range of universal stylisations and designs.

For the animation documentary, some of our discussions have focused about the background being featured as a minimal style – enabling the environment to establish its presence in an abstract way that can be configured to change in relation to the nature of the narrative.

When Ryan and Jess were in early days of discussing the concept of the project with the rest of the team, Jess had described the artistic design of 101 Dalmatians as a point of interest regarding the influence of aesthetic approach. Encompassing the key elements from the films visual assets, I proceeded to research environmental concepts from a range of sources including Art Station, Facebook groups such as Level Up! and Ten Thousand Hours, and traditional mood-board websites such as Pinterest.

Whilst the choices that were made had been influenced by my personal appeal towards particular artistic styles, my intention was to focus on characteristics such as colour palettes, blocked textures and unorthodox asymmetric design.

As the Art Director, Jess shared her contributions to the mood-board that the team proceeded to gather more sources of influence and inspiration. Some of her examples included:

(1.2 Shown Above – the work of Walt Peregoy for the Disney production of 101 Dalmatians) 

  • Walt Peregoy – the visual development artist for Disney’s production, 101 Dalmatians. In particular, Jess was inspired by his use of blocked out colours of unusual colour palettes that evoke different emotional responses. The illustrative nature of Peregoy’s work incorporates the ability to elude to the impression of detail through the use of texture and limited linework.


(1.3 Shown Above – the work of Mikael Gustafsson) 

  • Mikael Gustafsson – an artist who incorporates two-dimensional designs within Unity software to create the illusion of soft, peaceful movement that establishes the atmospheric tone within the piece.


(1.4 Shown Above – the artwork of Lois Van Baarle, also known by the brand name Loish)

  • Loish (Lois Van Baarle) – popular digital artist with large online fanbase. Whilst her specialty is painting unique and appealing character designs, Loish began to explore and incorporate environmental design within her artwork recently. She has a fantastic ability to use colour and awareness over the standard of detail required in order to communicate a particular tone or message.

In my opinion, there appears to be a diverse range of artistic influences that have inspired the vision for the aesthetic approach. Whilst the diversity is overwhelming at the moment,  it is hoped that once the pitch presentation is completed, the artistic style can be addressed in greater detail in order to achieve the desired look for the animated documentary.


101 Dalmatians. (1961). [film] Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, United States of America: Walt Disney.

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