Major Project · Semester Two

Environment Concepts


(1.1 Shown Above – An environmental concept, illustrating the concept of relationships between pets and their owners)

The environment design was something that had not yet been locked down in response to the art influences, which was featured in this post. The progress of achieving a defined artistic style was hampered slightly by the absence of our art director  – Jess –  last week. The pitch presentation requires some form of visual representation, so in order to create a diverse range of examples I proceeded to design some environmental concepts based on suggestions from Ryan, directed vaguely by the accounts that he has managed to acquire from his twitter followers.

The concept featured in 1.1 was the only visual piece that was painted for the pitch deadline. In my opinion, the composition is rather boring – whilst the focus is directed towards the bottom right area of the piece where the person and animals reside, the other areas of the piece are uneventful and static. The concept was not encouraged by external account, but rather through my own imagination as the team continued to investigate potential narrative options. The focus was inspired by ‘what do our animals mean to us’ – this piece, by response, illustrates the dogs as companions for the human.


(1.2 Shown Above – An unfinished greyscale concept art piece, exploring the relationship of man and pet) 

The second piece shown in 1.2 is reflective of an account that was given by one of Ryan’s twitter followers. In his story, the man describes his summers spent on his porch with his dog – and these memories resigned with him through his childhood. The concept was designed to encapture the traditional American values – pristinely kept properties, lazy summer days and the bond between man and animal.

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-01-06-29(1.3 Shown Above – Incomplete rough sketch of a predicted environment – the pound)

The third concept featured in 1.3 was based on a suggestion of common situations a person might find themselves in when adopting an animal into their home. Regrettably, the concept did not develop much further than the initial sketch stages as the team proceeded towards another task that retained priority for the pitch presentation on Friday.

Unfortunately, the concepts that were designed were very quickly made redundant with the decision to proceed with the narrative tale of Zara the dog, shared through the account of Jess’ grandmother, Attracta. Whilst the concepts are now outdated, it was my intention to use the design as an opportunity to paint in a style that is strongly influenced by the Art Director’s – Jess  – personal aesthetic taste, inspired by the painterly work of Walt Peregoy, background artist for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.  My aspiration is that once the presentation is over, we may proceed forward with a greater understanding of the artistic direction that we wish to explore and the resulting work will incorporate informed creative decisions.


101 Dalmatians. (1961). [film] Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, United States of America: Walt Disney.


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