Major Project · Semester Two

Animatic Discussion

Current Duration|: Two minutes and fifty-five seconds.

Opening shot – the establishment of the journey to Kilkeel. Mountains featured in backdrop suddenly become shapes of the puppies during transition. Dog head pops up from the middle of the shapes. The other puppies can be presented through subtle movement, such as breathing or a tail wag. The audience can understand that the shapes are the other peoples that are being spoken about. The dog coming over towards the owner could be implimented by the ‘running around feet’ section, with a low angle camera enabling the dog to come close to the camera lens – instigating that intimacy.

Continuous shot – dog emerges from the shape and begins to run, giving the impression of a linear flow as the dog proceeds down the corridor, jumping onto the bed. Impression of kids shown through shadows, footsteps, and laughter.

The dog could rotate on the bed, lean on the window sill and bark through the window towards the front lawn. The dog jumps from the bed towards the front door, approaching it with a wagging tail. Cut out the audio about Zara being a cowardly dog.

The scene would transition from Zara approaching the door, leading towards her escaping through the front door. She would run down the street, standing still at the corner. She runs out of frame, and the environment disperses around her. It re-emerges when Zara returns to her dog bed, with elements of the environment rotating around her as she rests amongst her surroundings. Her head peaks at the mention of visitors before returning to a comfortable position.

The transition then proceeds towards the discussion of the death. The tone changes, and the pace is slowed down. Zara is lying in her basket, with her medical condition being approached ambiguously. The environment deconstructs from a house to the vet (exterior) providing an emotional distance, and providing privacy to the animal.

‘She made you feel safe’

The uncertainty whether the day that Zara was brought to the vet. The representation of the heart would be through a subtle rhythm beating. As Zara is reintroduced, the front door appears

‘What I miss the most’ – She would stand at the door and wait for you to come in. The tail would wag and she would wait for you to return.


Two models – a version of a puppy, and the full adult version of the dog.

NOTE: Symbolism of doors?

Jess  and Tyrone – animatic

Animatic Audio – 3 minutes.

Kilkeel. Runt of litter – weakest member of group.

Film starts from nothing.

Ryan Image

  • Mid shot – abstract – can’t make out that they are dogs, they are mostly shapes. In between is an animal that is out of place. That would be Zara. There is all the same shapes, but one shape is out of place. It gets up and walks towards the camera.
  • Camera running in different directions – leading into the chasing sequence.

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