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Application for the Experience China 2017 Programme

In the quest of research into potential options for post-graduation employment opportunities, one area that I had not expected to explore was the possibility of exploring international opportunities – that was, until I recently reviewed an email that was sent by the University’s international studies department, illustrating an opportunity for a two-week summer school experience in the Hubei and Bejing provinces of China.

At first glance, I did not contemplate the email for serious consideration. However, as the days had passed, my interests in the experience continued to grow – general intrigue at first, but as the prospects of potential benefits began to surface the more I was drawn towards submitting my own application.


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 19.52.51
1.1 Shown above – the email that I received regarding the Experience China programme, dated the 10th of February, 2017. 


In figure 1.1, I have included the email in question, which mentioned some of the benefits from applying to the Experience China programme. Whilst the experience is not directly related to the arts and animation, nor is it connected to any local industries, it is my belief that the experience could prove to be of substantial prosperity as an integrated link that may contribute to long-term career opportunities.

With regards to the industry in Northern Ireland, the opportunities for employment and expansion have increased tenfold over the past decade, with the presence of animation and game studio start-ups facilitating spaces within towns and cities across the province. In direct correlation with company growth, the media material that is emerging from this part of the world is fluctuating into an international market – and as prediction would indicate, an employee with the title of Global Ambassador and independently-gained knowledge of Eastern lifestyle and economics may prove to be of significant advantage to an expanding company.

In juxtaposition, there is an equal opportunity for international employment through Experience China, if my application proves to be prosperous. The two week period will enable me to explore two of the most developed provinces in the People’s Republic of China. The land is soaked with the richness of heritage, history and culture that spans centuries, but the approach to creativity is different to the way that it is embraced in western society – the ideation, vision and execution of concepts and imagery is vastly different due to the nature of the Chinese educational system and employment market. Whilst this is not a criticism, it is apparent that there is an opportunity to incorporate those traits and introduce them to the industry in Asia, enabling the companies to gain a developed and rounded view of the work that is being created worldwide, and the business opportunities that await the influx of western inspiration.


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